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APP Membrane Roof Waterproofing at Someshwara Temple


This blog exhibits details of custom waterproofing to our client using APP membrane roof waterproofing: Ancient Craft, Modern Protection.

The Someshwara Temple, located in the serene suburbs of Bangalore, is a monumental structure that captures the essence of historical and architectural splendor. This temple, with its intricate carvings and timeless stonework, serves as a beacon of cultural heritage and spiritual tradition.

Stone Roof waterproofing of Someshwara Temple

Preserving such an iconic edifice is crucial, not only to maintain its aesthetic and historical integrity but also to ensure it continues to serve as a pillar of community and spirituality. This is where modern preservation techniques, particularly waterproofing, play a vital role. The application of APP membrane temple roof waterproofing stands out as a critical measure in safeguarding the temple against the ravages of weather and time. The APP (Atactic Polypropylene) membrane is a robust, polymer-modified bitumen waterproofing solution, specifically suited for roofs like that of the Someshwara Temple where traditional and modern need to converge seamlessly.

By applying this advanced waterproofing treatment, we can prevent water ingress, which is often a primary cause of deterioration in historical buildings. The APP membrane forms a durable barrier against moisture, thus prolonging the temple’s life and preserving its structural and visual integrity. This method not only ensures that the temple remains a testament to outstanding craftsmanship but also secures its legacy and sanctity for future generations. Implementing such protective measures is not just about maintenance; it’s about respecting and continuing a legacy of devotion and architectural grandeur.

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Preserving historical sites like the Someshwara Temple in Bangalore presents unique challenges, primarily due to their venerable stone constructions and the need for non-invasive preservation methods. Our task was to safeguard the structural and visual integrity of this cherished site without compromising its historical essence. In our quest for an effective solution, we considered various waterproofing options, including advanced membranes such as APP (Atactic Polypropylene), TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin), PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), and EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer). Each material was evaluated for its durability, effectiveness, and suitability for protecting ancient edifices against environmental threats.

The client ultimately opted for APP membrane temple roof waterproofing, appreciating its durability and cost-effectiveness. This choice was pivotal in ensuring the temple’s protection from water ingress, which is a common issue that can lead to significant structural damage over time. The APP membrane is particularly valued for its robust performance in adverse weather conditions, offering a reliable barrier against moisture penetration.

Our approach to installing the APP membrane was meticulously planned to respect the temple’s sanctity and historical significance. Every step, from the initial surface preparation to the final application, was carried out with precision. This method not only preserves the temple’s aesthetic and historical value but also extends its lifespan, ensuring that this spiritual and cultural landmark can continue to inspire awe and devotion for a long time.

APP membrane roof Waterproofing Procedure for Someshwara Temple

Here’s a brief procedure of APP (Atactic Polypropylene) waterproofing that was applied to the Someshwara Temple, ensuring respect for the site’s sanctity and architectural integrity:

Initial Inspection and Cleaning: The process begins with a thorough inspection of the temple’s roof, particularly focusing on the ancient stone slabs. Any debris, dust, or residues are meticulously cleaned to prepare for waterproofing.

Treating Joints and Cracks: Before applying the waterproofing membrane, it’s crucial to address any structural imperfections. Cracks and joints were carefully treated with a modified cement mortar. This step is essential to ensure a flat and stable surface that enhances the adhesion of the waterproofing layer.

APP membrane roof waterproofing Surface preparation
APP membrane roof waterproofing Surface Preparation

Primer Application: A specially formulated primer is applied to the clean and dry roof surface. This primer penetrates the pores of the stone slabs, establishing a strong bond with the waterproofing membrane. It also helps in sealing any microscopic gaps, enhancing the overall integrity of the waterproofing system.

APP membrane roof waterproofing Surface Preparation Bituminous Primer Application
APP membrane roof waterproofing Surface Preparation Bituminous Primer Application

APP Membrane Installation: With the surface prepared, the APP membrane rolls are carefully laid out and aligned on the roof. Each section is meticulously measured and trimmed to ensure seamless overlaps and perfect alignment. The membrane is then bonded using a torch application technique, which heats the bitumen on the bottom side of the APP membrane, allowing it to adhere strongly to the surface below.

APP membrane roof waterproofing Application
APP membrane roof waterproofing Application

Ensuring Seal Integrity: Post-application, special attention is given to the overlaps and edges to ensure they are perfectly sealed and bonded. This step is critical to prevent any potential water infiltration.

APP membrane roof waterproofing lap and joints sealing.
APP membrane roof waterproofing lap and joints sealing.

Applying Aluminium Reflective Paint:Once the APP membrane is securely bonded and all sections are confirmed to be seamlessly overlaid, the final enhancement involves the application of aluminum mixed solar reflective paint. This specialized coating is designed not just to enhance the visual appeal of the temple roof but also serves as a protective shield. The reflective properties of the aluminum paint reduce the absorption of UV rays, significantly lowering the roof temperature and prolonging the life of the waterproofing membrane. The application is carried out with precision to ensure even coverage, maximizing the reflective capabilities and ensuring long-term durability and energy efficiency. This final step seals the temple roof against the elements, ensuring the sanctity and structural integrity of the Someshwara Temple are preserved for years to come.

APP membrane roof waterproofing Aluminum reflective paint application.
APP membrane roof waterproofing Aluminum reflective paint application.

Final Inspection and Maintenance Advice: After the waterproofing layer is applied, a final inspection is conducted to ensure every part of the roof is flawlessly covered and the waterproofing is intact. Maintenance guidelines are provided to the temple management to ensure the longevity of the waterproofing work.

APP membrane roof waterproofing testing by water ponding.
APP membrane roof waterproofing testing by water ponding.

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Preserving historical architecture is more than just maintaining a building; it’s about safeguarding a legacy. At Geoliz Waterproofers, we take pride in our meticulous approach to waterproofing such treasures, ensuring they continue to tell their stories for years to come. Our techniques respect both the aesthetics and the structural integrity of these significant sites. Let us help you protect your piece of history with our expert waterproofing services, maintaining its beauty and durability through the ages.

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